'Tête à Tête'

Solo Exhibition 

From 28 August to 10 September at Siauliai University Art Gallery will be seen artist's Kate Seržane solo exhibition 'Tête à Tête'.

Exhibition "Tête à Tête" inspiration has come for many years and was inspired by endless world of fish. For the first time, just for this exhibition were created large format drawings, which will be complemented by the sounds of nature, which further helps you capture the close - direct - open dialogue artist herself experiences.

Main theme in Kates creative work are Fish- an inexhaustible variety of its forms, which is compounded by the fragile light/shadow game. Such combination approximates drawing to painting by seeking materiality, corporeality and spatiality.

Kate is one of the few Latvian graphic artists, which pays special attention to drawing, mainly in sepia technique. Choice of materials, which includes very fine monochrome tones, strengthens psychological realism in her works.The viewer is imperceptibly introduced to his own associations and depths of experience.

After master degree graduation of Graphic department at Latvian Academy of Arts in 2006, the artist has participated in many international exhibitions in Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Belgium, Spain, Macedonia, Belarus, etc. At International Biennial of Drawing, Pilsen (Czech Republic) 2006, 2008, 2012, she received awards for the highest technical quality and in 2014 received an award of "The Prize of BBK - Bundesverband".

Thanks: Siauliai University Art Gallery, Jelgava 750, Jelgava artists' association, association "Grafikas Kamera", RadioNaba radio show "Adata".

We invite all to join the exhibition "Tête à Tête" opening joys: 28 August at 17:00 Siauliai University Art Gallery, Vilniaus g. 141, Šiauliai.


Tallinn 5th Drawing Triennial "BLACK and WHITE"

Tallinna V Rahvusvaheline Joonistustriennaal “Must ja valge” 

Tallinna Kunstihoone / Tallinna Art Hall 
(Vabaduse väljak 8)

The 5th Tallinn International Drawing Triennial
Black and White exhibits drawings from around
the world made during the last three years.

For more about the triennial:


Kate Seržāne, "Tête à Tête I" 2015
size: 150 x 200 cm


"Gājēju pārbrauktuve / The pedestrian crossing"

Mākslas un mūzikas festivāls Rēzeknē "Seven hills 2015"
"Gājēju pārbrauktuve"
Vides objekts/performance pilsētvidē

Art and Music Festival in Rezekne "Seven Hills 2015"
"The pedestrian crossings"
environmental object / performance in urban environments